About Us

About Browtistic Beauty

Dedicated to the artistry of eyebrow shaping and sculpting, Browtistic Beauty specializes in using the threading technique, an art used to attain a brilliant, precise brow shape with stunning definition.

We specialise in the ancient art of threading and specifically use organic and specialist designed thread which is very good for the skin.

We are highly trained and professional in every aspect of beauty treatments that we offer. And we define the shape of your eyebrows based on your own personal preference.

Eyebrows are the first thing on your face that is easily noticeable and could change the whole look and appearance of your face. Our beauty therapists who are trained in world-class techniques will give you the best eyebrow shaping there is in town. We are dedicated to not only making you look amazing, but to give you a fantastic customer experience in the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere of the salon.

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