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  • Chamomile Skin Tonic

    This soothing and mollifying Chamomile tonic will help to refresh, calm and balance the skin. With toning effects to complete the daily cleansing of normal/dry skin.

  • Cleansing Emulsion w Cucumber

    Refreshing cucumber tones and balances your skin whilst removing light makeup and excess oil accumulated throughout the day. Our Cucumber Cleanser is particularly suitable for oily/combination skin types.

  • Emulsion Camomile Cleanser

    A softening and alleviating camomile cleanser. Removes light makeup and leaves the skin feeling calm and clean. Recommended for normal/dry skin.

  • Exfoliating Scrub

    Rid your skin of dead and dull skin cells with this gentle exfoliating scrub. Perfect to use in the shower or apart of your morning routine.

  • Hydratant Cream w Amino Acids

    Containing water binding and healing amino acids, this hydrating cream for daily use naturally moisturises and boosts skin hydration levels. The perfect base before makeup application, plus contains UV filters for daily sun protection.

  • Hydratant Mask Cream

    Skeyndor’s Hydratant Mask Cream is a mask that acts as a cream – promoting smoother more plump skin. With a Clay-based, it will intensely moisturise and hydrate the skin to maintain natural moisture levels.

  • Moisturising Emulsion

    Oil-free moisturising emulsion designed to balance skin moisture levels particularly oily/combination skin types. Its matte finish is the perfect base before makeup application. Lightweight texture containing UV filters protects without blocking pores.

  • Normalising Mask Cream

    A mask that normalises the skin by helping to gently reduce the appearance of pores and regulate oil production. For a matte finish effect use this 10-15 minute mask.

  • Skin Tonic with Hamamelis

    Rejuvenating tonic with toning and rebalancing effects to complete the daily cleansing of oily/combination skin.

  • Soft Peeling Gommage

    From the French word gommage meaning “to erase”, this gentle gommage style peel softly will softly erase dead skin cells – leaving the younger healthier cells where they are.

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